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When it comes to providing professional education, the Stens Corporation has been a staple in the industry since 1972.

In our courses, you'll acquire the knowledge and hands-on experience you will need to be successful.

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     We know that the more tools you have the more successful you’ll be at providing the best quality of care.  Our courses are Organized, Professional, and Fun!


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Participant Testimonials

"Tony was exceptional! I returned to work and hit the ground running with biofeedback and our new Nexus 10 equipment, feeling quite comfortable, and am already clocking hours for BCIA certification." 
Elizabeth Shella, MA, LPC, CRC
Cleveland Clinic



"John (Anderson) is a great instructor and I am glad to be re-taking the EEG course as an assistant for FREE. It makes much more sense after having been working with the equipment for a while. It is necessary to attend more than once, in my opinion, and it is a good business practice that you allow for this. There is no other workshop that I know of that allows this without paying an additional fee. I would also like to mention that after having worked a bit on the other systems in the workshop this time, I am happy I purchased a Nexus."
Damian Thomas



"The course was great, Tony Hughes is the best teacher ever. His new labs are great and his HRV lectures are excellent. I like the Nexus a lot, it is way ahead of older systems and also so much easier to use. The screen graphics are also nicely done."

 Timothy P. Culbert, MD

Medical Director Integrative Medicine and Cultural Care Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota



"Stens Corporation has provided me with excellent technical advice as well as educational opportunities while developing my biofeedback practice. I encourage any one wanting to pursue this fascinating field to turn to Stens to get started and stay current in biofeedback/Neurofeedback.” 

Patti Jenkins, MA, LP, BCIA-EEG

St Lukes Mental Health