Key things to know before filling out this form

Please note that you must contact the Stens Support Team before sending in your item. Our support department can be contact by visiting our Support page.  

Turn around time for repairs can take between 2 to 12 weeks depending on what you are experiencing.

NeXus Warranty Terms - From Date of Purchase

NeXus 4, 10, 32- 2 Year Warranty
NeXus Sensors- 1 Year Warranty

We urge you to only send the equipment that is in need of evaluation or repair. Do not send any accessories such as leather cases, batteries, etc.
All goods returned should be adequately packed to arrive in perfect condition and will travel at the risk of the customer.

Please know that the repair costs are based on the Euro-USD exchange rate.

Stens investigation & repair form

Please enter your ticket number for this repair. This will be given to you after contacting the Stens Tech Support Team. If you have not received one please contact them by visiting our support page before submitting this form.
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Please list the address you would like your item/s shipped back to.
Payment *
Please let us know how you plan to pay for your repair.
Please list all the items you are sending in for investigation or repair along with the Sensor Type and Serial Numbers.
Please describe your experienced issue the best you can to help with our investigation and repair process.
Repair Terms *
For quicker handling, I hereby authorize Mind Media to repair equipment/sensors for a total amount of up to 90 Euro, including investigation and handling.
Please enter any helpful notes, Invoice numbers, Date of Purchase etc.
Need a Loaner?
NEED A LOANER WHILE YOUR PRODUCT IS BEING FIXED UP? NO PROBLEM! *Please note that Stens does not guarentee loaners for all products. Loaners are subject to availability. Cost per item for one time use: Nexus 32: $200 Nexus 4 or 10: $100 Nexus Sensors: $45 each