neurofeedback Course Completion evaluation

It is required by the APA and BCIA for us to have you complete this evaluation in order to issue you a certificate of completion. 

once you have completed our Biofeedback course & the Course examination Please allow yourself 30 minutes to complete this form.

Your certificate will be issued to you shortly after verification of the above.

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Neurofeedback Course Evaluation *
Neurofeedback Course Evaluation
Please evaluate course design, content, materials, facilities and instructor.
1) Program content met my needs
2) Program length was adequate
3) Learning objectives were clearly stated
4) Training facilities were adequate
5) Program materials, equipment and supplies were appropriate for the course and met my needs.
6) Content presentation was well organized
7) Content presentation was clear and effective.
8) Instructor was responsive to questions, comments and participant
9) Teaching aids and audio-visual presentations were used effectively.
10) Instructor’s teaching style was effective
11) Program content fulfilled stated objectives
12) Program content and skills learned are useful and applicable to my clinical & professional practice.
13) Instructor was accessible and responded to my needs and requests.
14) Overall I feel satisfied with the program