Neurofeedback Course Testimonials

"After upgrading from a Nexus-10 Mark II to a Nexus-32, I recently attended the Stens 4-Day Professional EEG/QEEG Neurofeedback Certificate Program and the 1-day Intermediate Hands-On Practicum Course. With a Nexus-32 on hand for demonstrations and to practice with, the didactic and hands-on experiences at both trainings were exceedingly helpful.  I felt significantly more confident using the Biotrace software and the Nexus-32 after attending both courses and highly recommend them for anyone wanting to learn more about neurofeedback and QEEG and/or needing more experience using the Biotrace software and Nexus hardware.  Additionally, the tech support offered by Stens before and after the training have been essential in helping add biofeedback, neurofeedback, and QEEG services to my therapy practice. I am extremely satisfied with my experiences with Stens as a whole."

Marion Zahn, PhD  

Wilcrest Counseling Services

"John (Anderson) is a great instructor and I am glad to be re-taking the EEG course as an assistant for FREE. It makes much more sense after having been working with the equipment for a while. It is necessary to attend more than once, in my opinion, and it is a good business practice that you allow for this. There is no other workshop that I know of that allows this without paying an additional fee. I would also like to mention that after having worked a bit on the other systems in the workshop this time, I am happy I purchased a Nexus."
Damian Thomas

"If you want to learn the art of neurofeedback treatment, start with John Anderson's 4-day Neurofeedback Certificate Program. This course covers all the required information to pass the BCIA (Biofeedback Certification International Alliance) credentialing test for neurofeedback, but it is so much more than just an academic review course. John Anderson is a 30-year veteran of clinical practice in biofeedback and neurofeedback. He is technically brilliant, having worked with almost every bio- and neurofeedback device marketed in the last 3 decades. He is clinically familiar with a vast array of disorders that are amenable to neurofeedback treatment. In addition, he is an excellent lecturer, combining academic proficiency with a wonderful "Minnesota Bachelor Farmer" sense of humor. Many of us in the course were impressed that he addressed our technical and clinical questions with thoughtfulness, patience and an openness to new ideas. The hands-on training, so daunting to beginners, became an arena of excitement and curiosity as we ran EEGs on ourselves and our classmates. John assisted us with interpretation, taking a thorough and respectful approach to each student. 

It was such a pleasure to be trained on the same equipment that I purchased ( NeXus-10 MKII) for my private practice. Having had a research background in clinical psychophysiology and human electrophysiology, I highly recommend this course for those who are thinking about clinical neurofeedback practice, as well as those who want to master the foundations of neurofeedback for research training."
Mary L. Tracy, PhD
Center for Biofeedback Therapy