Connecting professionals with the world

We believe that good things come from a quality education. Educating and connecting our certificants with companies that pursue the same passion is just another way we are doing our part to enhance this incredible industry. Whether you are a certificant seeking employment or an employer seeking a quality candidate pool we are here to help!


Looking to get hired?

Have you obtained a certificate from any of our professional certificate courses and are looking for employment with a company that shares your passions? The Stens Corporation is proud to offer all of our Certificants the opportunity to be highlighted on our list of Stens Corporation Certificate holders.



Are you looking to grow your business and in the market for a specialized candidate pool? Look no further, we have you covered. We know that your time, energy and money is valuable and in order for you to be successful you need to use it wisely. We are proud to offer a space that allows you to browse quality candidates that have successfully completed our training courses in Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, and/or QEEG.


Disclaimer: The Stens Corporation does not guarantee any job offers or placement after obtaining a course certificate/s. We are here to simply offer a space that promotes our graduates and companies seeking employees who are properly trained in this specialized industry. We reserve the right to add, deny, or remove any individual or company from our website for any reason at any time. If you for any reason wish to be removed from our list please send us a written request. We will do our best to get your request handled within 48 business hours.