The Stens Corporation Assistant Requirements

To ensure we continue to provide a quality experience for all our participants we have strict requirements for assistants.

  1. Must have purchased and actively be using a NeXus device by Mind Media

  2. Knowledgeable in the most current version of the BioTrace+ software by Mind Media

  3. Completed the same course within the last 18 months, or taken the course two or more times within the past three years

  4. Must have most current Stens Lab Manual of the course you wish to assist in. If you do not have a current Stens Lab Manual one can be purchased for $35. You can request one when requesting to assist through our Assistant Request Form below.

  5. Ability to come in early/stay after class to help course participants practice their skills, clean up stations, or anything else requested by a Stens official.

If you do not meet our requirements above you can retake the course as a participant with a 50% discount. To signed up for our course as a repeat participant with a generous 50% discount please submit a request here.

There will be exceptions for some of our customers but only on a case by case basis. These exceptions must be approved by our office team and an Assistant Request Form below must still be filled out.

Please request to be a course assistant by filling out our fast online Assistant Request Form below. Once we receive your Assistant Request Form we will be in contact with you within 24 business hours. Should you need an approval sooner please call our office directly.

Name *
Device/s *
Please check all devices you currently have and are comfortable with.
Course/s *
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Which location and dates would you like to assist in?
Please tell us why you feel you would be an exceptional choice for a Stens Course Assistant?
Please tell us the location & date of your last Stens Professional Certificate course. Also indicate whether you were an assistant or a participant.
Stens Lab Manual *
Please indicate if you already have or need to purchase the most current version of the Stens Lab Manual.