Assistant Guidelines 2018

To ensure we continue to provide a quality experience for participants we have set guidelines for assistants.

For 2018 we have new guidelines about who can repeat a course as an assistant. Please make sure you meet these before signing up. 

All Assistants must meet the requirements below:

1)      Must have purchased a Nexus Device

2)      Completed the course within the last 18 months

3)      Must fully know the newest 2017a BioTrace software

4)      Must have Tony and/or John’s newest lab book depending on which course you are wanting to assist.

5)      Willing to come early or stay after class to help course participants practice their skills, clean up stations, or anything else instructor needs.

6)      Able to meet with instructor and other assistants the first day of class 30 minutes prior to the start.

There will be exceptions for some of our customers but only on a case by case basis. These exceptions must be approved by the President of Stens. If they are not allowed to reattend as an assistant, they can redo the course at a 50% discount.