Daily Hours  8:30 AM- 5:30 PM


  • Course Introduction
  • Orientation to Neurofeedback
  • Demonstration of Neurofeedback

Lab 1: Attach Sensors and Test Connections


  • Electricity
  • Neurophysiology & Anatomy of the EEG
  • Demonstration of Biofeedback Software – Navigating a Screen

 Lab 2: Practice Navigating Screens Using Saved Data

  •  Evening Studies: Readings and Video

 DAY 2

  •  Instrumentation & Electronics
  • EEG Definitions and Behavioral Correlates
  • Client Assessment

 Lab 3: Assessment – ClinicalQ

  •  Exercise: Processing and evaluating the assessment
  • Evening Studies: Readings and Video

  DAY 3

  •  Developing Training Protocols
  • Demonstration of Neurofeedback Training
  • Lab 4: Amplitude Training – SMR, Beta
  • Professional Conduct and Practice Guidelines
  • Alpha-Theta Training
  • Demonstration of A-T Training

Lab 5: Alpha-Theta Training

  •  Evening Studies Read: Readings and Video



 Quantitative EEG (QEEG)

  • Demonstration: 19 (21) channel EEG data collection
  • Recording hygiene, artifact monitoring during recording, recording task sequence, getting a good recording
  •  Demonstration: 19 ch Surface and LORETA Z-Score Training
  • Symptom matching for optimum training parameter selection, training sequence, correct threshold setting and feedback displays

 Lab 6: Processing 19 ch EEG Using NeuroGuide Database

  • Visual inspection, using montages, data selection, developing hypotheses, using statistical tools, viewing topographic maps and other displays, LORETA

 Lab 7:  2 Channel Z-Score Training

  •  Further Studies: Review all remaining presentation videos on flash drive and in manual
  • CNS Anatomy, Origins of EEG, Structure & Function of CNS, BCIA Certification
  • Complete exam and submit for scoring